What do we do?

We are an expert, independent and external agent able to diagnose and to monitor regulated aspects of corporate integrity.

Through an innovative service, we help to build consciousness in different areas of the company. This helps the company to manage sensitive matters of the processes in a simple and direct way. This makes it easier for the Board to perform its duties of direction and supervision.

This service is supported by a practical and decentralized software developed by BH Compliance:

  • It is used directly by the bribery risk, money laundering, terrorism financing and other corporate integrity-related areas that are subject to international regulations and standards.
  • It can adapt to all policies and procedures of each business-client.
  • In the event of any deviations, the system issues alerts that are received by the areas in charge along with senior management.
  • These alerts are inputs for the company to define and establish action plans to address shortcomings.

Certification Process

To understand and to analyze

We understand each business by developing an exhaustive analysis of its policies and procedures.

Through business knowledge, we analyze and identify controls and elements of the Crime Prevention Model and develop a diagnosis report with the current state of the company.

Assessment and Action Plans

We develop action plans and effective measures to guarantee the compliance of each process.

We develop compliance tests that allow us to assess our established measures and provide timely information to detect gaps and the appropriate design of action plans.

Certification and Monitoring

We validate each aspect involved by developing an ongoing monitoring process in order to guarantee long-term compliance.

Once the processes have been verified, certification is achieved and ongoing monitoring begins, through our software. This system adapts to each company’s policies and procedures and creates alerts to define and establish action plans to address shortcomings concerning established control parameter deviations.

BH Compliance protects the Board along with management teams

  • Senior management is informed of a decentralized management.
  • They readily know the potential deviations and are able to instruct or to adopt corrective measures. There is no room to say “I didn’t know”.
  • Software records are the evidence of due diligence in the performance of their duties of direction and supervision.
  • These records are useful for legal defense in case of necessity because of personal mistakes, non-backed institutionally.
  • Detection of gaps from initial diagnosis, monitoring and issuing of alerts make the ongoing enhancement processes easier