BH Compliance
Follow-up and monitoring of Compliance
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Our Purpose

We engage companies to care for and understand their role in society, in order to move towards sustainable development.

Our Commitment

We reinforce companies’ positive impact and reputation, supporting them towards achieving a culture of prevention against crime and corruption.

Our Values

We take the initiative

We are confident and deeply passionate about our purpose and work. This pushes us to achieve ambitious goals that challenge us on a daily basis. 

We enjoy life

We value and honor our human integrity, so self-care, respect, trust and the environment are key to our work.

We do our job well

We guarantee high-standard monitoring and professionalism through an automated system, with multiple checks that ensure our constant presence and support in every step of the way.

We promote cultural change

We take on the responsibility of constantly learning and training others to promote the mainstreaming of prevention within companies. We streamline processes and language to reach the goals we set with others.

We innovate to adapt

We combine our legal, commercial and technological expertise, encouraging co-construction, innovation and permanent adaptation to our clients’ needs.

Internal Regulation of Standards, Policies and Procedures

Our Guiding International Standards

Partners of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce

The Santiago Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit trade association that supports the country’s business development. It has a series of products and services aimed mainly at improving the business management of companies.

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