At the end of March 2012, the National Economic Attorney General (“FNE”) launched the first version of the “Fair Trade Regulations Compliance Programs” Guide. That said Guide was the subject of a public consultation which finalized on May 6th of the current year, with the purpose to learn and collect views and suggestions from economic agents, scholars and field specialists.

Following a thorough collection, analysis and systematization process of all the comments received during the consultation term, some of those valuable suggestions were included into the Guide’s final text.

Through the publishing of definitive promotional stuff, it is intended to provide an incentive to the various economic agents to develop internal mechanisms aimed to prevent fair trade regulations infringements.

This document is promotional stuff and therefore it has no normative power and it does not bind nor the Fair Trade Defense Court (“TDLC”), nor the Most Excellent Supreme Court.

 You can also download the complete Law in PDF format Here.