Susana Sierra


B.B.A. and M.B.A., Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.
Sales and Clients Manager and Partner of BH Compliance, having taken part in all of the processes carried out by the company so far.
Director and Professor of the Compliance and Corporate Best Practices Diploma, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.
Part-Time Professor in the Bachelor of Business Administration, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.
Director of Chile Transparente.
Founder and Director of Fundación Independízate.
Recipient of the 100 Women Leaders Award 2015.
Recipient of the 100 WomenYoung Leaders Award 2015.
Languages: Spanish and English

Ramón Montero Portilla

Lawyer and Compliance Manager

Lawyer, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.
LL.M. in Law and Economics, Utrecht University of Netherland.
Experience reviewing and negotiating national and international funding contracts. Consultancy in commercial, corporate and financial law, as well as in Compliance related matters.
Previously worked in the international division of Banco de Chile’s Legal Department, in Rabobank International in the Netherlands and in Rabobank Chile.
Languages: Spanish and English.


All the people who work in BH Compliance are hired by the company and have experience in at least 10 certification process.

Tomás Pillado Strubing

Senior Lawyer
Universidad Adolfo Ibañez

At BH Compliance since April 2016
Has participated in over 40 certification and recertification proceses of diverse companies, among them: Banco Bice, Grupo Engie, Telefónica, Anglo American, GM Financial Group, Parque Arauco, Compañía de Seguros Confuturo, entre otros.
Languages: Spanish and English

Tomás Undurraga Valenzuela

Senior Lawyer
Universidad de Los Andes

At BH Compliance since august 2016. Lawyer from the University of Los Andes with a Minor in Company Law. Experience as a law clerk in the Judicial Defense – Bank Prosecutor`s Office Santander Chile (2013-2014).
Has participated in over 30 certification and recertification proceses of diverse companies, among them: ABB, BBVA, CSAV, Empresas
Indumotora, Grupo Sigdo Koppers, SACI Falabella y Sun Dreams.
Idiomas: Español e Inglés.

Oriana Cobarrubia Borges

Audit Accountant
Universidad Alejandro de Humboldt

In BH Compliance since July 2017. Postgraduate degree at the Santa María University of Venezuela. Experience in internal audit and forensic audit to prevent, detect, confirm or rule out financial fraud or other crimes in companies. Collection of data to perform audit tests, review and analysis of risk matrices. He has participated in more than 15 processes of certification and recertification of companies of various fields.

Languages: Spanish

María Pilar Navas Santelices

Universidad Católica de Chile

At BH Compliance since December 2017. Graduate of Lawyer in the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile with minor in Public Law. Experience as a solicitor in the legal area of ​​the law firm Baker & McKenzie (2013) and as a solicitor in the corporate area of ​​The Coca Cola Company Chile (2014).
Languages: Spanish and English

Alejandra González Cartagena

Bilingual Executive Assistant

At BH Compliance since August 2017
She has extensive experience in national and multinational companies, performing executive and commercial tasks. Is currently responsible for the company´s administrative processes.
Languages: Spanish and English

Teresita Sánchez Jiménez

Business and Administration
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Marketing Assistant
Languages: Spanish and English

Camila Ortiz Aguilera

Audit Accountant
Duoc UC

At BH Compliance since January 2018

Language : Spanish

Jaime Viveros

Universidad Católica de Chile

At BH Compliance since November 2018. Degree in Law at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, with minor in Public Law. Experience as a prosecutor in the criminal area of ​​the Gana y Gálvez (2015) study and Assistant since 2015 of the Chair of Civil Procedural Law and Criminal Procedures at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Language: Spanish

Lina Escobar

Government Professional and International Relations
Universidad Externado de Colombia

In BH Compliance since December 2018
Coordinator in the last 3 years of the Ethics, Integrity and Anticorruption Programs for the private sector of Corporación Transparencia por Colombia.
Eleven years of experience and extensive knowledge in the design and implementation of methodologies to prevent corruption risks in business management processes.
Expertise over 7 years in the development of monitoring and monitoring indicators based on international standards for business strengthening, such as Ethos, Dow Jones, FTSE4GOODS, OECD, GRI, Principles to counteract IT bribery, among others.

Language: Spanish